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Cycurity’s approach to analysis is meticulous, tailored and constantly evolving to incorporate emerging technologies. With vast experience in undertaking analysis projects for clients as diverse as national governments, corporations, and private individuals, our analysis services can meet a wide range of needs.

Our three main approaches are, discourse analysis, link analysis and SEO reputation management.
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Whether as part of a public influencing campaign or as a stand-alone assessment, we can pinpoint and interpret exactly who is saying what about your topic. We can identify relevant gaps in discourse to be exploited, and can identify the right audience to target.
Not only does this approach enable us to succinctly develop effective strategies and MO for influencing campaigns or meeting your personal objectives, we can also accurately track our performance and success rate so you can see the results for yourself.


Cycurity’s Analysis Department leverages decades of experience in statistical analysis and data mining to produce a comprehensive link analysis investigation that is adaptable to any of your needs. Combined with cutting-edge technology and backed by our skilled research team, our link analysis services offer you in-depth, investigative insights into the relationships, activities and profile of your target.


Standard SEO service providers focus simply on promoting positive search results and improving their clientele’s ranking on various search engines. However, this approach neglects the need for resolving issues around negative and often damaging search results from organic searches.

Cycurity’s approach to boosting your positive online image is distinctly comprehensive, we use classic SEO tools, but in addition we have unique techniques to discreetly bury highly-ranked negative search results that cause reputational damage.
With a crack team of SEO professionals with expertise in every aspect of SEO and reputation management, Cycurity’s Counter Search Engine Optimization Department provides fully-fledged solutions, tailored to suit multiple scenario requirements.

With tangible results within a month, this efficient and cost-effective service will bury problematic search results and is completed by actively maintaining and monitoring this improved status, thus assuring a positive and enhanced on-line image for years to come.