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Enhanced Due Diligence Reports
With global stringency of anti-corruption and anti-money laundering regulations on the increase, your company is at risk of exposure to corruption, money laundering and financial crime. To protect you and your company from the reputational and financial impact of such issues, Cycurity's Research Department has developed MODI, a unique platform which enables our analysts to rapidly produce an enhanced due diligence report with the ability to work to a very strict timetable.
Cycurity’s analysts access over 1300 comprehensive global risk compliance databases that cover government-prohibited and barred persons and entities, politically exposed persons (PEP's), terrorism, corruption and money laundering subjects, among many others. In addition, our analysts access legal databases and corporate registries around the world in multiple languages. Our reports include a detailed analysis of the research objects and information regarding the corruption level in the relevant country.
Compliance Advisory Services
Employing our unique knowledge of the best practices in major industries and vast experience in day-to-day compliance management, Cycurity’s compliance team will analyze and advise your team on potential threats, desirable structure and effective operation plans and aid in a step-by-step processes designed to achieve an high level of compliance.
With over 600 reports delivered to satisfied clients in just over two years, Cycurity’s unique synergy between compliance and business intelligence includes structuring compliance programs and procedures, implementation and training, vetting third parties and various active control means, all aimed at creating a protective shield against legal, regulatory and compliance risks.
Competitive Intelligence Research
Combining open sources, human resources, confidential databases and innovative techniques of information-gathering, the research department produces comprehensive reports on competitors, their products and services, financial information, legal aspects, risk assessment and any other pertinent information in any sector.
Market Analysis Research
If your company is considering entering a new market, introducing a new product range or shifting business strategy, our Research Department can offer you in-depth and tailor-made market analysis reports focusing on financial aspects, governmental or geopolitical issues and technical and technological readiness of various market sectors. Cycurity's researchers use cutting-edge research techniques, combined with a global network of sources to support you in making careful and well-informed business decisions.
Intelligence Research Supporting Bids
For Tenders
Cycurity’s Research Department can provide the intelligence that makes the difference between winning a bid for tender and going home empty-handed. We specialize in producing a geopolitical analysis of the relevant country or area, emphasizing the compatibility of the equipment or service requirements of the tender to create a comprehensive, precise and detailed bid. Make sure you stay one step ahead of the competition.
Additional Reports
Cycurity's research department's versatile, experienced multi-lingual analysts, and unique, advanced research methods are ideal for targeted status reports on any issue in any country or region. For each project, we define together with the client, the scope and timeframe of the project. Our research includes social media analysis, mapping connections and event study. Our reports cover a variety of issues, such as: regional stability, political assessments, terror and radical Islam.