Cyber protection
for your online presence

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Business Intelligence
& Investigations

Make confident decisions through open source
diligent research and expert intelligence analysis
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Insights to keep you
ahead of the competition
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Compliance Risk
& Due Diligence

Investigations and analysis covering all aspects of Anti-Corruption risk
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Who We Are

The digital revolution has transformed the way we receive and transmit information. Social networks are now an integral way businesses are managed and countries are governed. Following the exponential use of social networks, cyber threats for companies, individuals and countries have dramatically increased. Cycurity is a technology driven company specializing in cyber intelligence solutions to both combat social media threats and build successful messaging campaigns. Cycurity offers crises management services, including reputation management, compliance risk and due diligence intelligence, search engine optimization and cutting-edge digital marketing campaigns. Established nearly a decade ago by high-ranking officers from Israel’s elite intelligence units, Cycurity has successfully run worldwide campaigns and defensive intelligence-gathering efforts, of varying scope, and in multiple languages.
The company currently employs over 80 people. Our personnel are highly skilled and experienced individuals, with years of training and proven track records, from varied disciplines including business intelligence, advertising, and information technologies. Our marketing teams are made up of professional analysts and psychologists utilizing proprietary technologies, developed in house Our client base includes governments, NGOs, multinational corporations, law firms, marketing and PR companies, and high-profile individuals from around the world.