Large scale influence, compliance,
business analysis, and strategic and
competitive intelligence.

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We Are

Cycurity specializes in large scale influencing, compliance, business analysis and competitive intelligence. The company was established in March 2013, by two veteran, high-ranking officers, of the Israeli intelligence community. The company currently employs over 60 people.

Our research team is recruited from elite Israeli Defense Force intelligence research units. Our large-scale influencing teams are comprised of professional analysts who are all native speakers of the wide range of languages we operate in including experts in Arabic.
Cycurity's technological capabilities are managed partly in-house, with proprietary technology and partly through an array of partnerships. All of our technical personnel are highly skilled and experienced individuals, all with years of training in various branches of the Israeli Security Intelligence organizations and a proven track record in the business world.


Mark Goldblatt the CEO of Cycurity spent 25 years in the Israeli Intelligence Services before retiring at the age of 45 he then became the CEO of Pioneer International, a wealth management company. With an MBA in International Business, Mark founded Cycurity together with Aviram Halevi and Ron Lubash. Mark brings creative leadership and keen insight into the industry's growing trends.
Mark Goldblatt
Aviram Halevi has over two decades of service in various branches of the Israeli Intelligence community. He was the CEO of several boutique business intelligence and security companies before founding Cycurity together with Mark Goldblatt and Ron Lubash. With a master’s degree in business Aviram runs the company offices, encouraging innovation and new ideas in the rapidly changing world of Business Intelligence.
Managing Partner
Aviram Halevi
Oren has extensive experience in international trade and business. He served as the commercial and trade attaché in Egypt and went on to work in several international concerns in Africa. With M. A’s in law and logistics management and multi lingual skills Oren has helped carve out the directions that have helped lead Cycurity in its growth and success.
Chief Operations Officer
Oren Azulay
Idan is a creative out-of-the-box thinker with over 10 years of experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams in a wide array of tasks. With an M.Des in product and design management from Bezalel Academy, Idan implements design-thinking methods into his everyday work. As LSI department manager, Idan oversees methodology, training among other PMO responsibilities.
Department Head
Large Scale Influencing
Idan Fine
Nadav served in the Israeli Defense Forces Intelligence Corps for 11 years specializing in special operations intelligence and retired with the rank of Major. Following several years as an investigative journalist followed by working as a marketing director in Aeronautics, an Israeli UAS company. Nadav brings years of experience in intelligence to head the research team at Cycurity.
VP Intelligence and Research
Nadav Zeevi
Ami Holzmann is a seasoned expert in data mining, text mining, analyzing mass communication and forecasting voters’ behavior in political elections. Ami holds an engineering degree from the Technion and an M.A. in philosophy from Tel Aviv University. 
Department Manager
Ami Holzmann
Operations Manager
Lauren Lever
Julian has successfully managed projects across industries and geographies for many of the worlds Fortune 500 companies. He joined Cycurity's LSI department in 2016 as a project manager. Julian holds an MA in Business History, Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Düsseldorf. He received stipends from Harvard Business School and GHI Washington DC, among others, for his research on transatlantic exchange processes in retail.
Project Manager
Julian Länge
Asher is a seasoned business lawyer, with 20 years of experience representing and advising clients in international matters. Asher served as deputy general counsel for a large Israeli company, and later led the compliance department of IMI Systems, one of Israel's largest exporters. Asher is a sought-after lecturer in various business forums, and combines knowledge and skills in creating innovative solutions against legal and regulatory risks.
Biz Dev & Compliance Manager
Asher Miller, Adv.
Tomer has extensive experience in leading inbound and outbound product activities, specializing in big data products in the OSINT domain. With a B.A. in technological marketing and comprehensive knowledge and experience in the intelligence research domain, Tomer brings innovation and new ideas about the development and needs for new products.
Product Manager
Tomer Meisel

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