Behavioral Psychology, Design Thinking and Intelligence Meet the Digital World

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We Do Deep Insights

Cycurity’s market research department analyzes data using psychology, design thinking, advertising and business expertise, which we then turn into precise, actionable recommendations.
We have helped some of the world’s largest corporations and governments turn very complex, multi-faced and sensitive challenges into stepping stones to triumph.

Our Experience

Airline suffered a blow to its reputation following a series of controversial, highly mediatized and negative passenger experiences.
Applying our proprietary deep listening and analysis methods to all relevant social discourse in the USA, we were able to find a specific, actionable solution for the airline. The airline had had a practice of seeking to build loyalty via economic benefits, but we found that what its customers needed was to feel they were treated with (1) dignity, (2) respect and (3) appreciation.
Based on our research, we made a series of recommendations for how the airline could cost-effectively transform its relationship to its clients and their client journey, and how the airline could improve its relationship as part of its social media operations.
Case Study
Major Airline
The beauty brand had been planning a worldwide new launch/campaign to promote its beauty lines to US and French Millennials, to coincide with the 2020 Olympics.
Our psychology and quantitative discourse analysis teams worked quickly to provide a psychological profile of these target audiences, a profile of their consumer behavior and social media discourse, along with precise, actionable advice for campaigns. We recommended to the client to make big changes, or risk failing.
Based on our actionable insights, the client decided to change directions in its marketing to far more efficient messaging and methods, and potentially avoided tens of millions in wasted marketing expenses.
Case Study
Personal Care Giant
A gaming company geared towards children was planning a new campaign to promote its product to American markets.
Our researchers and psychology teams worked to map the potential audiences and major key stakeholders in the American gaming industry, providing an extensive profile of consumer needs and social media discourse of the relevant audiences.
Based on our research, we delivered the client a precise and actionable roadmap including which audiences to best target, how to enter the relevant market, how to improve the customer journey and possible messaging strategies for each audience.
Case Study
Gaming Company
Working with a Japanese advertising giant, we used our map and delivered unprecedented insights into the massive Bento lunch market. Our researchers, behavioral exerts and data analysts created an in depth report identifying key consumer segments, emotional influences that related to Bento making and consumption, and a number of avenues for marketing and product expansion. The knowledge gained provided unprecedented understanding into Japanese consumer behavior. And turned these insights into affordable, actionable business strategies for a variety of companies to expand their Bento revenues.
Case Study
Japanese Bento Box
A government agency needed insights as to public knowledge regarding a national disaster and its aftermath.
Our researchers and psychology teams conducted an in depth analysis of social media discourse and conducted 100 in depth interviews. They found that knowledge and information consumption was driven by personal emotional stakes. People found news that confirmed their existing biases, which in turn were driven by social expectations, unprocessed trauma or personal direct connection to the tragedy.
Based on our research, we recommended a series of strategies to restore trust, healthy public discourse and closure based on providing a safe space for the public to share its feelings and testimonies.
Case Study
Governmental Agency
A start-up company wanted to launch a new online dating service involving daters’ parents and their advice.
Our researchers and psychology teams looked at baby-boomers and targeted millennials in-depth. We found through engagement that, while daters were initially reticent to include parents in their personal lives, appealing to their need for a place free of judgment and safe from personal insecurities could not only attract them and keep them as loyal users, but also enhance their relationship with their parents and provide a social media platform for those parents.
Based on our research, we delivered the client a precise and actionable roadmap including how to structure the platform, how to perfect the branding and which trends to capitalize on to generate social discourse.
Case Study
Online Dating App

Deep Social Insights

“Many companies [are] struggling to make sense of their data… 74% of firms say they want to be “data-driven,” but only 29% are actually successful at connecting analytics to action.”